What a busy spring it was and now summer. The studio has been turning out neat pieces of pottery and the kiln has been soooo busy firing that it fired itself out. However, there is good news. A new kiln was ordered June 11 and it will be here any day now!!! It was specially made (because they do not keep them on the shelves) for me. Today, it is somewhere in Nevada and imagine it will be in the studio next week.
Now, this has caused some time for me to slow down because the firing schedule is off but in reality I have not. Beginning in May I lost my sweet Birdie, my Great Dane of the past four years. She was a rescued from CISAR (Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue) in Colfax Il. What joy and love she offered during the time she was with me. I needed her more than she needed me, especially during some of those days a few years ago. At the end of May I could not stand not having a Great Dane to nudge me around and give me endless love. That is when Albird showed up. A sweet 11 week old puppy at the time only 16 inches long and 15 tall.

June was busy chasing after him. Loving him. Watching him grow, grow grow. Today he is 25 inches long and 24 tall and I think last night he grew more because he looked over me in bed this morning!!!

So, I think it was a good thing that the kiln petered out on me. I have had a lot of time to love Albird.

More when that kiln arrives!!!