We have been so spoiled the last few years with yearly sping warmth and this year we are making up for it.
The Fine Field Pottery Studio is not the warmest place on earth and as I sat at the wheel this morning I could feel my energy drain away as the cold replaced what warmth there was in the room. My hands were chilled each time I dunked them in the water. Then the clay even made the water cooler as it absorbed any warmth there was in the water. I kept throwing, encouraging myself onward with the idea that someday soon the cold would be replaced with a humid summer.
One thing I did notice while I was throwing was that complaining about the cold and the misery was not going to do any good. Whining, or as one friend put it, venting, does not really fix the situation. The only thing left for me to do was to keep throwing, and I did.
I finished one project I am venturing in with a friend and threw two beautiful (at least I hope they will be) mixing/serving bowls. That came to about 12 lbs. of clay…well below the average amount I throw, but I decided I would shift gears and started to glaze instead.
Sitting and glazing is a wonderful way to allow the mind to roam while being productive. I will say more on that another time. By the time I was finished filling the kiln, time had passed and even though I did not warm up I at least was thankful for the time, the energy and the joy that comes with this work. And ultimately that is why I do what I do, and hope you do the same, because you enjoy it and in that you find what Spring promises.