Pottery from FFP can be personalized for all sorts of reasons. Anniversaries, birthdays, special events, weddings, company logos, and events.


Custom mugs are made when we recieve a jpeg image of the stamp for the mug. Then we emboss the stamp in clay and add it to the mug. The stamp charge starts at $25 with a minimum order of 10 mugs. The mug cost is also dependent on the size of mug: 10 oz. 12 oz. 16 oz. and 20 oz. Please contact us for more information.

FFP Stamped Tankers

Custom Mug



FFP is  also known for Name Plates (see below) but we have also made: platters, bowls, vases, etc. For more information, click on the product below and to order see the Name Plate brochure at the bottom of this page.

Specializing a piece of pottery with hand written dates or names comes with a $5 surcharge. This is not included if you purchase a Name Plate.

Illinois PotteryClick here to down load the Custom Name Plate brochure (PDF)
Name Plate Brochure

Wine Chiller, Knitting Bowl, Lidded Knitting Bowl, Chowder Mug, Handled Soup Bowl, Ginkgo Vase, Quad Bowl, Dip Chiller