Power Back On

March 12, 2014 finefieldpottery Uncategorized

We were without power for most of the morning due to winter storm Vulcan. It did pack a quick punch but now that it is out of here and the power restored I thought I should get back to work. Today, I finished trimming 12 of my newest products to be unveiled at the Woodland show at the end of the month. Hint: It will help make lemon meringue pie a lot easier! And no it is not a pie plate. It is always fun to come up with new items and see how they will work. Last night I tried one of my dishes and made Garlic Parmesan Bread Bites. So easy. So good. And so gone. I took the 8 inch deep dish server, sprayed it with EVOO, cut Grand’s biscuits into quarters, sprinkled with garlic and parmesan, poured a table spoon of melted butter and viola hot, steamy, cheesy bread bites.

Tomorrow, I am off to Great Lakes Clay in Elgin Illinois to pick up 3/4 ton of clay, glaze and other materials. Those other materials will be items purchased at Trader Joe’s! Yahoo Mountain Dew a trip to Trader Joe’s. I am going to buy a package of their fat free brownie mix and try it out in the deep dish server and see how that works.

deep dish service

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