The spiritual metaphor of the Potter’s hands has always held a certain mystic for understanding life. I started throwing on the wheel full time in May of 2012, putting my first career on sabbatical for the time being. By trade I am an ordained Presbyterian (U.S.A.) minister who is always seeking to see how God is molding me. Never did I imagine that the time I spent throwing clay during the summer and fall of 2012 would be the foundation for creating the functional, artistic and enjoyable pieces of pottery you see today.

Since 2012, I have greatly enjoyed the art I have created while at the same time I have watched as my work has grown. It is exciting to try new techniques and experiment with different glazes, clay, and firing styles. Yet, at the heart of my pottery is a great sense of peace and spirit that I recognize as the Potter working in my life. I hope that you will also discover the same sense of peace and spirit in the work I have created and enjoy using it every day.

~Rev. Gavin H. Finefield