The Amazing Brown Sugar Keepers

Yes, they really do work and they are much more sanitary than that old piece of bread. The Brown Sugar Keeper is terra-cotta clay that is has not vitrified (that is ceramic talk for glass has not melted together in the clay therefore it is porous). Just like your flower pots, water can flow through the clay. In the case of the Brown Sugar Keeper, water is held in the clay and slowly evaporates keeping your bag or container of brown sugar at a constant humidity. If you find that you did not seal your bag properly and have hard sugar, simply re-soak the keeper and seal it tightly in the bag.

To use the Brown Sugar Keeper, soak the piece in water for 10-15 minutes. Damp off the keeper, then add it to your sugar. Re-soak for each new bag.

You can also use the Brown Sugar Keeper to soften cookies!

At Fine Field Pottery we can customize the Brown Sugar Keeper for any occasion. It makes a perfect gift as wedding favors, stocking stuffer, family reunions, you name it. We will even print special instruction for custom orders.

The Brown Sugar Keeper from FFP cost $1.00

For Customized Brown Sugar Keeper the cost is $1.10 (order minimum 50)