I have been throwing all morning and have a good run: pie plates, cups, wine chillers are covering every bit of free space I have in my studio. Now, it is time to take a moment and decide what is next. And what is a better way to decide what to do by making my lunch.
After getting my clay yesterday I stopped at Trader Joe’s and had to try a few new items found which is now my lunch.
Put your taste buds on alert for here is what I put together. I grilled a tortilla on the on the burner; just threw it on the open flames and cooked it. Then I shredded fresh Asiago cheese and a carrot. And now for the Trader Joe’s addition, fresh horseradish humus. Top that with a fresh piece of butter crisp lettuce and WOW yum!!!! The humus is not too hot and it give the right zip to my wrap.
I am so glad I stopped to make lunch.
Back to throwing….what will I make next.

ps: desert is Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt Vanilla Bean!